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Introducing Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler

Introducing Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler

22. Aug 2023

DevPod Integration

DevPod Integration

11. Jul 2023

ALP2 - Protecting Your Data and the Environment

ALP2 - Protecting Your Data and the Environment

20. Feb 2023

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What customers say about us

«As a self-financed Swiss company, Flow offered the best price performance ratio. We have never regretted this decision. We are grateful to Flow for their understanding and their straightforward support during the implementation of our stringent data security and data protection requirements.»

Werni Krauer

Chairman of the Board


«I have been working together with Flow Swiss AG for many years with excellent results. What continues to astonish me, apart from their professional and competent consulting services, is the incredible effort they devote to quickly and pragmatically solving problems outside of normal working hours.»

Peter Gantner

Head of Interactive Media Design

ETH Zürich

«We have always had a professional, compliance-oriented collaboration, where Flow Swiss through dialogue and technical solutions have supported our needs in the best way possible. Support have always been prompt, and with focus on providing the right solutions at a timeframe that suits our business.»

Christian Holm


Bitcoin Suisse AG

«We decided to work with Flow Swiss AG not only because, as a Swiss cloud provider, they understand our requirements in terms of data protection, but also because, at the end of the day they are a trustworthy, owner-operated company.»

Pascal Christen

Managing Director


«In-depth expertise, excellent and dedicated customer service, quick implementation – with Flow Swiss AG, we feel like we’re in good hands in every regard.»

Jacqueline Sprenger

Director and Head of Marketing & Communications