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What is it

Flow CI Engine is a managed cloud service using the latest Apple Silicon Mac devices. Perfect for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD), it seamlessly integrates with CI pipeline solutions.

Who is it for

Ideal for developer teams and CI/CD providers seeking a scalable, fast, secure, and managed macOS cloud platform compliant with Apple’s Software License Agreement.

Why use it

Flow CI Engine offers a fully automated platform with support for virtual macOS and Linux instances, delivering consistent performance, rapid build times, and support for ephemeral builds, powered by the native performance of Apple Silicon.


Blazing Build Speeds

Experience rapid and consistent build times with our Apple Silicon Mac-powered CI service.

Effortless Scalability

Scale your CI/CD pipelines seamlessly with our elastic cloud platform to meet your build needs.

Simple CI Integration

Integrate effortlessly with existing CI pipeline solutions like Buildkite for streamlined workflows.

Custom Images

Create and manage custom macOS and Linux images for tailored CI/CD workflows.

Cross-Platform Support

Utilize both macOS and Linux runners for a versatile and unified CI/CD experience.


Operated and hosted on an end-to-end ISO/IEC 27001 certified Swiss cloud platform.


Overview of all technical details.


Virtualization Framework

Utilizes Apple’s Virtualization Framework for near-native performance and efficient resource use on Apple Silicon Macs.

Fast Storage

Leverages built-in SSDs on Apple Silicon Macs for ultra-fast data access and reduced build times.

Data-at-Rest Encryption

All Mac devices are encrypted at rest, ensuring your data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

Network Isolation

Network isolation of VMs guarantees that build instances remain isolated, enhancing security and preventing data leakage.

Ephemeral Builds

Support for ephemeral builds that are created and destroyed per job, enhancing security and resource efficiency.

Managed Global Images

We provide continuously updated Global Images with pre-provisioned tools, ensuring you always have the latest macOS and Xcode without any maintenance.

Custom Images

Professional Plan customers can create and manage custom images, quickly distributing them across devices for tailored CI/CD workflows.

Dedicated Hardware

For maximum security, Professional Plan customers can request dedicated hardware, ensuring isolated and secure build environments.

CI/CD Integrations

Our native integration with major CI/CD pipeline solutions allows you to automatically request macOS and Linux instances for your CI/CD jobs.



Our Buildkite integration provides a fast and simple way to integrate with the CI Engine service. Based on webhooks, Buildkite pipelines can dynamically provision macOS and Linux instances for building, testing, and more. The integration supports various parameters.

TeamCity Pipelines

TeamCity Pipelines

TeamCity Pipelines integration is currently under development and will be available soon. Contact us to learn more about it or to participate in the beta phase.

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions

GitHub Actions integration is currently under development and will be available soon. Contact us to learn more about it or to participate in the beta phase.


Pricing is based on concurrent build jobs. All plans include unlimited build jobs.

Starting at CHF 149/mo.

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Focus on your projects while we take care of your Mac infrastructure.

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