ALP2 - Protecting Your Data and the Environment


Just imagine: you can put your mind at ease, safe in the knowledge that your business-critical data and systems are under lock and key to the highest standards of physical security within a reliable, sustainable carbon-neutral data center bunker in the heart of Switzerland. While Switzerland does possess secure infrastructure and a stable political environment, physical weaknesses – such as electromagnetic pulse radiation, damage by flying objects or destruction by bombs – are often not fully considered in risk assessments. To bring our customers’ data security to the highest level, we have decided to offer an additional location in one of the most secure data centers in the world. This will soon become a reality with the opening of our new ALP2 data center region in the first half of 2023.

Super secure bunker

The security and sovereignty of important business data is of utmost importance – now more than ever. The ALP2 data center was designed to take into account the strictest environmental and security criteria. It provides your data with secured protection against threats, whether extreme weather conditions, seismic activity or electromagnetic disturbances. The underground bunker’s structure, combined with round-the-clock video monitoring and biometric access control, brings it to the ultimate standard for physical protection. The building is equipped with an oxygen reduction and smoke removal system to ensure fire protection.

Carbon neutral

In addition to the physical security measures, we can also proudly say that the ALP2 region is solely powered by energy from renewable sources. It uses state-of-the-art technology to guarantee efficient and effective operational processes. Lake water ensures a stable energy supply for cooling, and waste heat is used for heating neighboring residential areas.


Just like our other existing regions, we only rely on premium data center suppliers. The ALP2 region is certified according to ISO 27001 and TÜViT (Level 3 Extended), thus underlining to our customers that their data is saved in a secure, standards-compliant environment.


We very much look forward to offering our customers access to the ALP2 region in the first half of 2023. Our commitment to sustainability and security makes the ALP2 data center the ideal choice for companies looking to protect their critical data and systems.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our new ALP2 region and how you can protect your business data in one of the most secure and sustainable data centers in the world.