Announcing support for Apple M1 Mac minis

As a passionate Mac cloud provider from the early days, we were delighted to see the introduction of Apple M1 chip designed specifically for the Mac platform. With incredible performance, custom technologies and industry-leading energy efficiency, the ARM-based M1 chip by Apple takes the Mac mini to a whole new level. Today, we are pleased to offer this innovation to our customers as a cloud-hosted option. 


MetalControl 2.0

Who knows us, knows that we have very high demands on ourselves. Simply connecting the new Mac minis to the Internet and claiming we are ready is not how we do things. In order to offer our customers the same benefits as with the Intel-based Mac minis, we first had to invest time and energy in developing a new version of our MetalControl hardware with support for Apple Silicon. MetalControl is an in-house-developed Apple Mac remote management controller, equipped with features such as power-button and power-cord control, Keyboard-Video-Mouse access and more. MetalControl is the technology that makes our Mac cloud service so unique and what gives us maximum flexibility in managing the devices.

Next-generation Mac cloud

The combination of Apple Silicon Mac minis and MetalControl 2.0 makes our Mac Bare Metal service best in class. With the easy-to-use control panel, deploying, managing and scaling dedicated bare-metal Apple Mac devices in the cloud couldn't be easier. Without compromising on simplicity, it comes standard with advanced networking capabilities such as private networking (VPC), firewall and VPN for secure connections to third-party cloud providers or corporate networks - all at no additional cost. Other benefits such as FileVault support, powerful API, pay-as-you-go pricing make the service even more attractive.

Start for free

Typically used for CI/CD purposes for the iOS/macOS build ecosystem and all kind of software testing, Mac Bare Metal is ideal for developers and businesses that need a super-fast, secure, always-on Mac cloud environments. Interested parties can sign up and get started with a free credit at