Building a trusted Cloud Platform

We are one of the first companies in the cloud services sector to introduce an AI-based, digital identity verification procedure for new customers, with the aim of keeping fraudulent users away from our cloud platform. We have implemented this method, which to date has only been used by online banks, with a strong focus on a simple onboarding experience. 



We have been in the online business for over 10 years and have seen scammers become increasingly crafty. The combination of SMS verification and the need to provide credit card details hasn’t discouraged dubious customers for quite some time now. Therefore, we were once again faced with the challenge of how to solve this problem without having to give up the free trial period. We have always held the belief that legitimate customers shouldn’t have to be hindered by a complicated onboarding process because of dubious customers.

The solution

After an in-depth evaluation of various approaches and solutions, we ultimately chose the Onfido verification service, which won us over with the highest level of data protection but which doesn’t sacrifice the simplicity of online verification. As an ISO-27001 certified company, we expect at least ISO-27001 certification from our external suppliers before we consider collaborating with them. Onfido is not only ISO-27001 certified, but also SOC 2 Type 2 and GDPR compliant, and has already been successfully implemented by a host of international financial services companies and thousands of companies around the world.

How does it work?

After completing a short registration process in our customer portal, customers are asked to verify their identity online. That’s when Onfido, which has been optimally integrated into our onboarding process via API, comes into action. Customers can choose between three types of documents to verify their identity: passport, ID card or driver’s license. These can easily be photographed and uploaded with a smartphone. The last step of the verification process is for the customer to take a selfie with their smartphone, after which the intelligent online identity verification takes place. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Onfido then compares the customer’s facial biometrics with the photo on the ID and generates an evaluation based on how similar the faces are. This process only takes a few minutes and is fully automated.

Our vision

Our long-term vision of building a trusted and secure cloud platform is what lies behind our decision to introduce a digital identity verification procedure for new customers. While we are well aware that this measure might deter some legitimate customers, we believe that most customers will see this as a benefit, as it will allow us to keep potentially fraudulent users with bad intentions away from the platform. The risk of our platform being misused for DDoS attacks or sending spam messages is also reduced to a minimum. These advantages have a positive effect on the operation and reputation of the platform, as it allows us to dedicate more time to our customers and the development of our services.