Introducing Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler

We are excited to announce the addition of Cluster Autoscaler to our Kubernetes service. Cluster Autoscaler is a Kubernetes add-on that automatically scales your Kubernetes cluster up or down based on the workload. This helps you to optimize resource utilization and reduce costs.


Benefits of Cluster Autoscaler

  • Optimizes resource utilization: Cluster Autoscaler ensures that your Kubernetes cluster has the right number of nodes to handle the current workload. This helps you to avoid overprovisioning resources, which can lead to unnecessary costs.

  • Reduces costs: By automatically scaling your cluster up or down, Cluster Autoscaler helps you to reduce costs. For example, if your workload decreases, Cluster Autoscaler will scale down your cluster, which will save you money on node costs.

  • Improves performance: Cluster Autoscaler can help to improve the performance of your Kubernetes cluster by ensuring that there are always enough nodes available to handle the workload. This can help to reduce latency and improve the overall responsiveness of your applications.

How to get started


We believe Cluster Autoscaler is a valuable addition to our Flow Kubernetes service. It helps customers optimize resource utilization, reduce costs, and optimize the performance of the workloads. So, if you are looking for a reliable way to host your applications, we recommend you to try our Swiss Kubernetes service.

Take advantage of our free trial and experience the benefits of Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler for yourself.