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Why online support is more efficient.

  1. Online support is faster. Our experience shows that we can resolve problems reported via email in the time it would have taken just to explain what was wrong via a phone call. It’s true that a small number of issues are better discussed via phone, and where that applies we will call back.
  2. The right person for the job. By handling support requests via email support tickets, we transparently route each one to the most appropriate engineer without delay. The request gets into the hands of a subject matter expert straight away, ensuring that you get the very best help quickly and accurately.
  3. Focus. Complex technical issues require full concentration to investigate and resolve. Explaining complex issues in written form forces a certain clarity that cannot be delivered orally.
  4. Traceability and quality control. If something goes wrong during the support process and the case is referred to management for review, that absolute written record leaves nowhere to hide. There is no “he said, she said”, only fact, so the correct remedial actions can be taken without question.

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