Introducing Mac Bare Metal: The Next Generation Mac Hosting Platform

After two years of hard work, we are excited to share with you the public launch of our new cloud-based Mac offering. Designed and developed in-house, it is built for an API-first world, on-demand deployments, and easy management. 



We have a simple vision: Bare Metal Macs should be controllable and manageable like traditional virtual machines. To get there, we had to develop something that has not existed until today. We call it MetalControl. MetalControl is the first Apple Mac remote management controller, an in-house-developed and patent-pending product. It’s equipped with smart features, such as power-button control, power-cord control, and keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) access. Thanks to the unique functionality of MetalControl, tasks such as on-demand provisioning and managing physical Macs are possible via the Control Panel and even via API.

Advanced Networking (AWS-like)

Our Mac Bare Metal service comes standard with advanced networking functionalities, like private networks (Virtual Private Cloud networks or VPCs), security groups, Elastic IP addresses, and more. By default, each Mac device is isolated within a secure, private network. It is perfectly suited for both simple and sophisticated network topologies.

Mac Mini and Mac Pro

A range of predefined Mac mini device configurations are available for every need, while the latest generation of rack-mounted Mac Pro hardware will be available soon.

Private Mac Cloud Services

While the standard public offer represents a large pool of Mac devices, we also offer high-security, managed, private Mac Bare Metal cloud services. It comes by default with a pool of dedicated Mac devices, dedicated racks, dedicated access switches, and optionally with dedicated shared SAN-storage.


Our platform has a usage-based billing model, whereby users are billed by the hour. Essentially, it’s a lot like a prepaid mobile phone plan, where payment is made in advance (prepaid principle). Customers are only billed for the resources they actually reserve, without the hassle of commitments or minimum contract periods—it’s that simple.

We Just Got Started

Even though this first edition already offers plenty of unique features and benefits, this is just the beginning. We have already started working on additional MetalControl features that will make the platform even more attractive.

Mac Bare Metal is ideal for developers, enterprises, and businesses of all sizes that need a super-fast, secure, and always-on iOS and macOS build environment in the cloud. Customers and interested parties can sign up for a free, no-obligation, 14-day trial at