“Swiss Hosting” matters

As pioneers in the Swiss cloud hosting business, we have already observed various phases of “Swissness” with regard to Swiss companies moving to the cloud. In the beginning, it was obvious that the preference was for a Swiss provider, but this changed noticeably as hyperscalers (e.g. Google, Microsoft, AWS) entered the market. Today, cloud hosting is experiencing a revival among Swiss providers due to the unstable political situation and among other factors. 


About the “Swiss Hosting” quality label

The “Swiss Hosting” label from Swiss Made Software GmbH was developed with the aim of creating a seal of quality comparable to “Swiss made”. The new label creates clarity and guarantees that data does not leave Switzerland. But the data location alone is not the only requirement. Data must also be stored at Swiss companies in Swiss hands, controlled by Swiss shareholders and according to Swiss law. Subsidiaries of foreign groups and Swiss companies in other countries cannot participate. As a genuine Swiss cloud services provider since 2009, this seal of quality fits perfectly with our orientation and our philosophy.

A real alternative to cloud hyperscalers

We at Flow always set ourselves high technical and organizational goals. With our multi-regional Flow Cloud Platform, we are setting new standards on Swiss soil. Functions and benefits such as an easy-to-use self-service portal, a comprehensive REST API, usage-based billing, transparent pricing, and ISO 27001 certification are standard with us.

Flow Cloud Platform is ideal for enterprises and businesses of all sizes that need to run mission-critical workloads in the cloud. Customers and interested parties can sign up for a free no-obligation 14-day trial at https://my.flow.swiss/#/register.