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What is it exactly?

Mac Bare Metal is an enterprise-class Mac cloud platform. With the easy-to-use control panel, it is possible to deploy, manage and scale dedicated, bare metal Apple Mac devices.

Mac mini's (on demand)

Mac mini's (on demand)

A number of predefined Mac mini device configurations (Intel and M1) are available on demand with instant activation. See pricing >

Mac Pro's (on request)

Mac Pro's (on request)

Due to the exclusivity and the wide variety of configuration options of the Mac Pro hardware, it's available on request only. To receive a non-binding offer, interested customers can request their desired config using the following link.

Who is it for?

Mac Bare Metal is ideal for developers and businesses that need a super-fast, secure, always-on Mac Cloud environment. It's typically used for CI/CD purposes for the iOS/macOS build ecosystem and all kind of software testing. Also very popular as a hosting solution for FileMaker Server.

Customer success story

A worth reading article of the Spotify Engineering Team about the advantages of bare metal Macs compared to macOS VMs for CI. In a nutshell: blazing-fast build times, consistent performance, more simultaneous iOS simulators thanks to native GPU acceleration. Read the full story >

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Start spending more time on your projects and less time managing your Mac infrastructure. You will receive a CHF10 credit (good for 14 days) when you create a new account. Sign up now >

What makes it unique?

It is a fully automated bare-metal Mac cloud platform with API support and pay-as-you-go pricing. It comes standard with advanced networking features such as private network, firewall and VPN at no additional cost. And last but not least, every Mac comes with Lights Out Management (LOM) functionality for easy remote management.


Something that is indispensable in the traditional server hardware world is the ability to manage the server via browser even when no operating system is running, to perform actions such as power off/on, access to keyboard, video, and mouse (KVM) etc. This functionality is known as Lights Out Management (LOM) or out-of-band management. Mac Pro and Mac mini devices do not have this functionality as standard. We took up the challenge and developed it ourselves – we call it MetalControl.

swiss engineering

MetalControl is the world’s first Apple Mac remote management controller, an in-house-developed and patented product. It's equipped with smart features such as power-button control, power-cord control and Keyboard-Video-Mouse access. Thanks to the unique functionality of MetalControl, tasks such as on-demand provisioning and management of physical Macs are possible via Control Panel and even via API. Literally, it allows you to control the physical Mac like a virtual machine.

Advanced networking

Our Mac Bare Metal service comes with advanced networking functionalities as standard, such as private networking (VPC), firewall, and VPN for secure connections to third-party cloud providers or corporate networks. By default, each Mac device is isolated within a secure, private network. It's perfectly suited for both simple and sophisticated network topologies, at no additional cost.

Simple API

With our simple RESTful API you can automate Mac infrastructure management without using our Control Panel. Explore API docs >

Remote management


On-demand provisioning

Provisioning a Mac device in the Cloud couldn't be simpler. By using our intuitive Control Panel your dedicated Mac mini is just a few clicks away.


Power button control

Yep, you can control the physical power button. No matter if a short press to turn on the Mac or a press and hold to turn off the Mac. It's almost magical.


Power cord control

Even though you can manage most situations with the power button, there are scenarios where you would like to make your Mac powerless. This is also possible thanks to MetalControl.


Remote console (KVM)

Web-based access to the screen, keyboard, and mouse of your hosted Mac is just a click away. You have control over your Mac even if no network connection to the device is possible.

General features


Control Panel and API

Provision and manage your Mac devices with an easy-to-use Control Panel or API. Trigger a power button push, unplug the power cord, access the screen-console, reboot in recovery mode, reset SMC etc.



Thanks to MetalControl, various workflows can be triggered with one click. For example a "Reboot in Recovery Mode" or a "Reset SMC" process. And there's more to come.


Predefined device types

A number of predefined Mac mini device configurations are available on demand with instant activation. Due to the exclusivity and the wide variety of configuration options of the Mac Pro hardware, it's available on request only.


Fully dedicated

No noisy neighbours or shared resources to gum up the works and impact your workload. You are getting access to dedicated, genuine Apple Mac devices. In addition, you are provided with root access at the operating system level.


Connect from any OS

You can access your device(s) using Screen Sharing app (included with macOS), Apple Remote Desktop or any available VNC client which gives you direct access to the console. By using a VNC Client, you can even remote connect with a Windows or Linux Box.


Premium data center

Professionally hosted in an ISO/IEC 27001-certified, state-of-art datacenter in Zurich, Switzerland. The Tier 4 data center offers the highest security and availability standards.


Reliable by design

Thanks to redundant power-feeds and UPS systems, an emergency power system with diesel generators, a redundant Internet-uplink connectivity, the infrastructure is designed with maximum reliability in mind and offers guaranteed availability of 99.9%.


Support by experts

Around-the-clock remote support by experienced Mac engineers. A choice between Basic Support (included) Advanced and Premium Support plans, where Premium is designed for enterprises that operate business-critical 24×7 operations.

Networking features


Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) functionality lets you provision and manage secure private network(s) where you can launch your Mac devices. With Mac Bare Metal by Flow, you get highest level of network isolation by default.


Elastic IP Addresses

Dynamically allocate or remap to any of your Mac devices with Elastic IPs (publicly-accessible static IP addresses).


Security Groups

With Security Groups, you can easily secure your Mac Cloud infrastructure and define which services and ports are visible on your devices.


Pure connectivity

With each device one dedicated, elastic IPv4 address is included. Unlimited data traffic and an 1 Gbit/s network uplink come as standard. Network traffic is not throttled in any way.

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