Flow Kubernetes pricing is based on the underlying required and optional Kubernetes-related resources, starting at CHF 0.2578/hr resp. CHF 190/mo.

Required resources

  1. Control plane. A control plane (master node) fee of CHF 0.10/hr resp. CHF 73/mo per cluster applies irrespective of the cluster size.
  2. Worker nodes. A cluster requires at least three (3) of the following worker node flavors to operate:

Flavor VCPUS RAM Storage Price*
k1.1x2 1 2 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 0.0526/hr
CHF 39/mo
k1.2x2 2 2 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 0.0800/hr
CHF 59/mo
k1.2x4 2 4 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 0.0992/hr
CHF 73/mo
k1.2x8 2 8 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 0.1376/hr
CHF 101/mo
k1.4x8 4 8 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 0.1924/hr
CHF 141/mo
k1.4x16 4 16 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 0.2692/hr
CHF 197/mo
k1.4x32 4 32 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 0.4228/hr
CHF 309/mo
k1.8x32 8 32 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 0.5324/hr
CHF 389/mo
k1.8x64 8 64 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 0.8396/hr
CHF 613/mo
k1.8x96 8 96 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 1.1468/hr
CHF 838/mo
k1.16x96 16 96 GB

60 GB root volume

CHF 1.3660/hr
CHF 998/mo

* Prices don't include VAT. Monthly price estimates are based on 730 hours of usage.

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Optional resources

  1. Volumes. Persistent Volumes (PV) are optional and can be dynamically provisioned from the Kubernetes context. They are scalable and support online expansion without downtime. Each GB would be charged accordingly at CHF 0.22/mo.
  2. Load Balancers. External Load Balancers are optional and can easiely be added in front of the Kubernetes cluster(s). Each Load Balancer would be charged accordingly at CHF 0.0068/hr resp. CHF 5/mo.


  1. Customer Support. Around-the-clock support by experienced engineers. A choice between three Support plans: Basic (included), Advanced and Premium.
  2. 99.9% Uptime SLA. If we fail to deliver on our realistic SLA, you will be eligible to receive a credit to your account.
  3. 20 TB Outbound Traffic. Per organization-account 20 TB of outbound traffic per month is included. Inbound and internal traffic is always free.
  4. 1 Elastic IP Address. Every Kubernetes instance comes with a free of charge, elastic public IPv4 address.

How it works

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    If you like the Flow Cloud Platform, you have the option to upgrade your account to a full paid account.

Upgrading your account is easy. All you need to do is provide your payment information on the billing page. You have the choice between automatic and manual charging. The Auto-recharge feature automatically adds credit to your accounts balance when it falls below a certain amount. Manual charging means you can buy credits with individual payments.

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