No commitments.


Infrastructure as a Service

Starting at

CHF 29/mo

CHF 0.04/hr

Built on enterprise-class components

Swiss, multi-regional platform

Intuitive UI, CLI, and API

Wide range of OS distributions

Advanced networking functionalities

Highest security standards


Managed Kubernetes Service

Starting at

CHF 190/mo

CHF 0.2578/hr

Production-ready clusters in minutes

Swiss, multi-regional platform

Simple to manage, scale, and upgrade

Native Kubernetes experience

Secure by design

DevOps services (optional)

App Engine

Platform as a Service

Starting at

CHF 19/mo

CHF 0.024/hr

Managed container hosting platform

Swiss, multi-regional platform

Support for Docker, Node.js, PHP, Go

Support for Ruby, Python, .NET, and Java

Built-in DBaaS (MySQL, MariaDB, etc)

Intuitive UI, CLI, and API

Applicable Add-ons:


Object Storage

Object Storage as a Service (S3)

Starting at

CHF 10/mo

CHF 0.0138/hr


Swiss, multi-regional platform

Highly scalable

Highly available by design

Powered by 100% Solid State Disks

Applicable Add-ons:


Mac Bare Metal

Mac as a Service

Starting at

CHF 199/mo

CHF 0.27/hr

Enterprise-class Mac hosting service

Simple to deploy, manage, and scale

On-demand with instant activation

Intel and Apple Silicon based Macs

Advanced networking functionalities

Highest security standards

Applicable Add-ons:

Elastic IPsSupport


Volumes & Snapshots

Volumes are scalable virtual disks that provide additional data storage for Compute instances and Kubernetes nodes. Snapshots are 1:1 block storage level copies of a Volume.

Starting at

CHF 2.00/mo

CHF 0.0030/hr

Load Balancers

Load Balancers ensure fault tolerance and improve web application performance by distributing incoming network traffic across groups of Compute instances or Kubernetes clusters.

Starting at

CHF 5.00/mo

CHF 0.0068/hr

Elastic IPs

Elastic IPs are publicly-accessible static IP addresses. They provide a way to quickly redirect traffic between your servers without waiting for DNS changes to take effect.

Starting at

CHF 7.30/mo

CHF 0.0100/hr


Licenses for paid operating systems or third-party software.

Starting at

CHF 10.00/mo

CHF 0.0137/hr


The possibility to upgrade the support plan to Business or First, if the free Economy support plan does not meet the business needs.

Starting at

CHF 500.00/mo

CHF 0.0000/hr

VPN & Peering

The Site-to-Site VPN service connects with on-premises or other public cloud networks. The Peering service connects two cross-regional or two regional private networks.

Starting at

CHF 40.00/mo

CHF 0.0547/hr

Included with all products

Economy Support - According to the best-effort principle. Business and First support plans are available at an additional cost.

99.9% Uptime SLA - If we fail to deliver on our realistic SLA, you will be eligible to receive a credit to your account.

20 TB Outbound Traffic - Per organization-account 20 TB of outbound traffic per month is included. Inbound and internal traffic is always free.