Virtualization Framework

Utilizes Apple’s Virtualization Framework for near-native performance and efficient resource use on Apple Silicon Macs.

Fast Storage

Leverages built-in SSDs on Apple Silicon Macs for ultra-fast data access and reduced build times.

Data-at-Rest Encryption

All Mac devices are encrypted at rest, ensuring your data is protected against unauthorized access and breaches.

Network Isolation

Network isolation of VMs guarantees that build instances remain isolated, enhancing security and preventing data leakage.

Ephemeral Builds

Support for ephemeral builds that are created and destroyed per job, enhancing security and resource efficiency.

Managed Global Images

We provide continuously updated Global Images with pre-provisioned tools, ensuring you always have the latest macOS and Xcode without any maintenance.

Custom Images

Professional Plan customers can create and manage custom images, quickly distributing them across devices for tailored CI/CD workflows.

Dedicated Hardware

For maximum security, Professional Plan customers can request dedicated hardware, ensuring isolated and secure build environments.